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Your project is not only the showcase of your brand, it could also be the most powerful digital marketing tool, with ClickLab you will reach the audiences you always wanted for business. Our applied digital marketing tools will guarantees to maximize the market strategies guarantees to maximize the marketing strategies of your company on your website and social networks developments.


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ClickLab is a concept created in Barranquilla, Colombia. Located in the Caribbean and being a city that has opened to the international community as a reborn port and business HUB in the Caribbean and the world and with a work culture and a multicultural identity, it opens up to the world to offer its vision and contribute to the development of modern technologies and businesses. At ClickLab we start from the emerging need in today’s companies to modify and update their digital business model, we´ve found in this niche given the disconnection that exists between traditional development teams and modern marketing agencies to provide a services that focus on an applied digital development and marketing model, to implement new tools for businesses and improve their reach and relationship with their customers, improving sales and conversions as well as processes and operations within the companies.



Our clients are our priority, the dedication of our team is the mark of each of our projectsos proyectos


Our multidisciplinary collaborators guarantee the fulfillment of the tasks in each segment


We are characterized by our dedication in each task, each one is assumed as ours in each development and design


we prioritize the needs of our clients over sales, we provide advice focused on their needs


We are a company focused on improving the operations, marketing and sales processes of our clients, the interaction improvement in any of our projects with the clients, users or collaborators is shown in a tangible way in the results delivered in each of these, whether it´s been seeked to increase sales through the integration of an E-Commerce or by improving advertising exposure on social networks and browsers, or to optimize processes, lower operational costs, or integrate digital resources into the company systems.


Our goal and objective is to consolidate ourselves as one of the main partner companies and allies in digital B2B processes worldwide, to position our business and our city as one of the main points of convergence for the development and growth of digital businesses and to serve as showcase for the human and professional quality of our collaborators.


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Giving back to our comunity is one of our main goals

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